Biggest post company in Brazil will lauch its own mobile phone service by the end of 2016

Telefonia correios

CORREIOS – The biggest post company in Brazil will launch its own mobile phone service by the end of this year, according to expectations of the federal public company.

Starting to act as a carrier like Claro, Vivo , Hi , Tim or Nextel , the Post Office will adopt soon a name not revealed how your brand in this segment . The service will be promoted within the 12 thousand branches of government, ie, the focus will be on the final consumer – despite telephony solutions for small and medium enterprises are also planned.

Without the necessary infrastructure to provide this type of service, the post office will have a partner ( not yet chosen ) that will be responsible for operations and for customer service.

How will it work

The business model that the Post chose is known as a virtual operator , also called MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator ).  In such cases , the brand chips are sold , but the entire IT infrastructure and usage licenses of the frequencies necessary for signal transmission are from another carrier.

To be considered for the bid, the telephone company will represent the Post Office behind the scenes should still be present in at least 50 % of Brazilian municipalities. The Post Office seeking the proposal with the highest amount of compensation of prepaid chip the highest percentage of commission at the time of recharge. Interested companies must submit proposals on 17 March.