Paradigm breaking



Threats and frauds in Telecom are many and highly diverse, from the simplest to the most complex. There are many success stories in the world where, for example, operators come together and work cooperatively and companies merge developing some innovative software management to combat risks service solutions.

Although history proves that criminal mind always finds ways to exploit weaknesses in the face of expansion of these business strategies. To keep control on fraud, the same should step up their investment in rules, analytics and above all experts in fraud prevention that have an extended vision of the problems, with skills to integrate processes, people and systems.

Grafico telecom fraud

Telecom fraud model can be considered a benchmark for all other industries. Fraud is a common enemy to all and risk all existed fields. Act in an integrated manner and in cooperation is an alternative to be explored as well as enhance the resources available.

Paseli Consulting supports Brazilian and international companies to suit present time, reducing risks, company’s ´degrees of uncertainty and exposure and strengthening teams to overcome real challenges of TIC markets – increasing chances of success of their operations and businesses.

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