Canada is one of Paseli’s strategic partners

Since its birth, Paseli works closely with Canadian entities and companies. We have built and maintained lasting relationships and are proud to be close to entities such as Quebec’s government, Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and the Canadian Consulate in Sao Paulo.

To date, Paseli has a global reach and works with entities from the United States and Latin American countries. Nonetheless, Canada will always be Paseli’s strategic partner outside Brazil and, for this reason, we have a team specialized in developing Brazil-Canada business.

Paseli is part of the Technology Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil – Canada (CCBC), contributing to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. On June 25th, Paseli’s sales partner, André Quina, joined our friends from CCBC to a farewell lunch for Canada Ambassador in Brazil, Jamal Khokhar. According to André, “to participate of such important event, representing Paseli, is a great honor because Mr. Khokhar has done a great job consolidating commercial ties between Brazil and Canada”.


Ambassador Jamal Khokhar and André Quina, from Paseli