Brazil-USA Investment Map

Today Apex Brazil and CNI – with the support of SelectUSA – launched a key publication mapping the investment flow between the US and Brazil. Here is some selected data that summarizes the investments from Brazil to the US.

To access the BRAZIL-USA INVESTMENT MAP report click here.

  • INVESTMENT: Between 2007 and 2012, total assets owned by Brazilian companies in the United States expanded by 221%, reaching US$93.6 billion in the most recent year analyzed.
  • EMPLOYMENT GENERATION: Brazilian assets generate practically twice as many jobs on average as other countries (the capital invested by Brazil tends to be labor intensive).
  • SEGMENTS: Food & Tobacco, Software & IT Services, Pharmaceuticals and Aerospace sectors not only accounted for 40% of the jobs, but also presented a ratio of more than four jobs for every US$1 million invested.
  • FDI: Between 2003 and 2015, the USA was the fourth largest recipient of Brazilian FDI (exceeding FDI from Mexico, China, India, Turkey).
  • LOCATION: Brazil invests in 29 states in the USA. Texas, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina and Nebraska concentrate more than 50% of these investments.

The report was launched today as part of the efforts Brazil and the USA are making to increase investment and cooperation between the two countries. Next week, Brazil’s president will be in the USA closing more deals and, hopefully, signing agreements in the segments of energy and defense.