Finance sector is the one that invests most in Brazilian IT

A survey released by Febraban points banks and other financial institutions as the main responsible for IT´s growth in the country

Febraban survey of Banking Technology – 2014, recently released by the Brazilian Federation of Banks is performed for more than 20 years by the institution and aims to map the state of technology in the financial sector, as well as show the investments for the development of IT solutions, to facilitate the daily lives of users.

The study recorded a growth of investment of banks and financial institutions products and services for technology. The index revealed by the study showed a 11% increase over the previous year, reaching a percentage of 18 % of total spending, the same recorded in countries like France and the United States.

In continuous growth, the industry is seen as the biggest investor in technological resources in the country, revealing a society that increasingly seeks digital services and boosting banks and other institutions to invest in products that have the concept of user experience, or user experience (UX). Services well designed; functional, agile – that in a practical way meets the needs of those who use them – is what has made the IT industry reach the sky.

To discuss these and other technological issues, Febraban also promotes its 25th edition of CIAB – the largest technology event for the financial sector in Latin America, 16-18 June at the Transamerica Expo in São Paulo.