Cloud storage is essential to reducing business costs

Companies that keeps afraid to invest in cloud storage tend to lag behind


A study done by Bain & Company shows that among  400 leading companies future´s priority is the migration of data to Storage Cloud or Cloud Server. Cloud computing is the use of memory and storage capacities and calculation of shared computers and servers, interconnected through the Internet. Data storage is done in services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anytime, with no need to install programs x or store data.


However, the study reveals that the real situation is still far from ideal: business transfer on average only 18% of the workload . The variation is higher or lower depending on the industrial segment.


Most of the IT business executives know the advantages of transferring their workloads to the cloud, especially those in financial issues, so what prevents them from investing more strongly in this type of architecture? 1.     Fear of change: many IT leaders are hesitant at what would be considered a major change and postpone the task shifting only a portion of the charge to cloud, precisely for fear of disruptive technologies, that interfere with processes, organizations and sometimes even in entire industries;2.     Select the appropriate system: An obstacle that still appears in the study is the dilemma of choosing the right cloud model , between the alternatives of public cloud , private or hybrid ;3.     Fraud: maintaining own servers may seem the safest decision, but has not protected the victims of cyber-attacks on high-profile, including Sony and JPMorgan Chase. The secret of a successful migration is to assess the correct model for the company and have the courage to face a complete overhaul of the traditional model of IT. Betting on technological innovations is to invest in the evolution of the company.