Why to Sell to the Brazilian Government and Do Advantageous Business

Many wonder about doing sales to government agencies. Worry about the over bureaucratization of the processes for participation in bids and the risks of “getting stuck in”. Paseli Consulting, a specialist in sales to government, is pleased to highlight below some aspects that demystify these myths and will help you to understand why selling to governments is a great opportunity to grow and stabilize your sales.

1 – Brasil’s government is the “company” that buys more in the country

Last year, the government procurement reached 26 billion dollars mark, moving away unemployment crisis, which is plaguing several European countries in recent years;

Less bureaucracy

The government has been making efforts to reduce bureaucracy at purchasing processes, expanding access to companies ME / EPP and facilitating the mechanisms for participation in bids. Currently, most of the buying processes take place in the electronic trading base, more agile, fast and transparent;

Electronic trading sessions increased the bids

With the advent of computerization and electronic trading sessions, the expansion of opportunities and competition grows every year, increasing the number of suppliers and demanding more skilled and qualified services by the participating companies ;

Long term contracts

The feasibility of extending a contract with the government is very high: once detected a demand it will, most probably, keep existing and the government will keep buying;

Best techiniques have value

In a bid process the government does not always prevail the lowest price, as being also highly estimated best techniques.

Advantages for small companies

Business from ME / EPP type benefit from a differentiated legislation that, in the case of a bid draw, or when its price differs from 10 to 5% of the winning company it is made possible rewriting its proposal and submit a new proposal value under a stipulated time;

Attractive market to foreign companies

With the increasing market involving bids, Brazil becomes a potential country for foreign investors.