Brazilian IT should be above the GDP in 2015 – Check booming services

Contrary to the downturn in the economy, the information technology sector is booming in Brazil. It should record growth of 11.6 % in 2015 and to end this year as the sixth sector with more investments, expected to reach 165.6 billion dollars, 5 % higher than last year. According to consulting and market research International Data Corporation (IDC) and the Gartner Group consulting the global movement in the sector must overcome 3.8 trillion. Also according to IDC, the trend for this market in 2015 is that one third of global investments are for the Third Platform – which covers solutions in IT as cloud services, social networks, mobility applications, big data and analytics.

The following is the growth projection for the main services in this area:

Cloud Computing: According to IDC, cloud services will be responsible for moving 118 billion dollars in 2015  

Storage systems and servers: The Gartner Group predicts that spending on storage systems and servers will reach 143 billion dollars, an increase of 1.8% compared to 2014. In the software market business sector growth will be of about 5.5 % , reaching 335 billion dollars.

Big Data and Analytics: IDC these areas may account for 125 billion dollars over the year and featured big data projects with analytics solutions rich media (image, audio and video).

Increase in hiring in the IT market: According BRASSCOM (Brazilian Information and Communication Technology Companies Association) hiring IT professionals should have an increase of 30 % by 2016. The market has currently employs 1.3 million people