US should be a priority of Brazilian government and exporters in 2015

Shipments to China dropped 35 %

After 5 years out of leadership, the United States can once again become the main destination for Brazilian exports in a few years. Since 2009, China leads the ranking of Brazilian exports with a basic basket of commodities, as shipments to USA have higher stands of manufactured and semi-manufactured goods. Soybeans, iron ore and oil accounted for 80 % of Brazilian exports to China last year and manufactured goods accounted for 54 % of shipments to the US in the same period, according to the Foreign Trade Studies Center Foundation (Funcex).

In January, shipments to the US exceeded those to the Asian country, which dropped about 35%. Until the 2000s, the American market was the absolute leader in the ranking of the largest destinations of Brazilian exports, with a share of 24 % at the beginning of that decade. China appeared in a distant 12th place and accounted for 2 % of shipments. According to the Folha de São Paulo journal, last year´s sales to the US amounted to US $ 3.4 billion and 12.6 % of shipments to the country, counting on manufactured products of iron and steel ($ 2.2 billion), aircraft (US $ 1.93 billion), engines and turbines for aircraft ($ 1.57 billion) and coffee beans ($ 1, 2 billion).

“The United States is the only market in the world that grows continually,” said the president of the Foreign Trade Association of Brazil (AEB), José Augusto de Castro. He said the US should be the government’s priority and Brazilian exporters.