Brazil- Canada Chamber of Commerce interviewed Paseli´s Senior Partner

Pamela Silva contributes to the cover story of the latest issue of CCBC´s magazine

In its 51st edition, under the label “Brazil Connected” CCBC´s journal brought together experts and discussed about growth and responsiveness of Brazilian information and communication technology market and how it encourage Canadian companies to be part and participate actively of it. Since January, CCBC started its new Commission of Technology, which has been working to promote business opportunities, investments, discuss trends and analyze the challenges of IT sector, through case studies and relevant information´s exchange. Brazil is currently the 4th largest IT market in the world and Canada is presented as a model of development and support on technological innovation issues and being a big nest to startups and their technology hubs.

Interviewed by CCBC Paseli´s Senior Partner, Pamela Ariane da Silva, highlighted Brazilian government as a great consumer in this area. She brought the information that from January to July 2014, the total public purchases of assets and services mobilized R$ 30.4 billion (US$ 12.3 billion), through 98.6 thousand projects in Brazil.

Pamela also added “Brazil is already used to the foreign technology, is a fully receptive market for technology and innovation. The expectations are quite good”, she states.

Read the complete article at CCBC Magazine # 51 and understand how Brazil and Canada are getting closer thanks to technology.