Security researcher publishes 10m usernames and passwords online

Mark Burnett fears an FBI raid for his actions

Mark Burnett, an IT security analyst, published 10 million passwords with their corresponding usernames on his blog on Monday, 9th.  He afirms wanting “to get good, clean, and consistent data out in the world so others can find new ways to explore and gain knowledge from it.” His aim was to help people learn more about how people choose passwords. According to Burnett none of the passwords he posted were new leaks and all of them had already been released to the public.

“They all are or were at one time completely available to anyone in an uncracked format. I have not included passwords that required cracking, payment, exclusive forum access, or anything else not available to the general public. You should still be able to find a large number of these passwords via a Google search,” Burnett said in a follow-up blog post.

In his defense against FBI, that studies his prison, he said “I could have released this data anonymously like everyone else does but why should I have to? I clearly have no criminal intent here,” wrote Burnett.