Xiaomi: The Chinese “Apple” starts its sales in Brazil

The company promises to sell their products still in the first half of 2015

Xiaomi is one of the biggest growing company in the Asian market. On 6 February, the Chinese enterprise published in its official Facebook page in Brazil: “Put more water in the beans that we are coming.” (a famous expression in Brazil)

Considered the “Chinese Apple” by many experts, the company launches smartphones that gain a high number of compliments and many fans “across the world.” Costing about USD $ 45 billion, Xiaomi recently announced that it would start selling its products in Brazil in the first half of 2015, which has generated a great anxiety in thousands of users in the country. The audacious enterprise project aims to make agreements with the major e-commerce stores in the country and gain market with similar products to the big brands, offering much more affordable prices.

“Their product have a strong appeal to younger consumers once they manage good relationship between quality and price,” says Frederico Trajano, director of operations at Magazine Luiza, who owns one of the five largest e-commerce store in the country.