Paseli in the new Commission of Technology of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada

Brazil and Canada are even closer thanks to the IT universe

Last January 21th, the Chamber of Commerce Brazil – Canada (CCBC) created its Committee on Technology to further strengthen the relationship between Brazil and Canada, this time in the promising IT universe.

Brazil is currently the 4th largest IT market in the world and Canada is presented as a model of development and support on technological innovation issues and being a big nest to startups and their technology hubs. Composed by representatives of academic and commercial areas, the new committee will meet regularly, working to promote business opportunities, investments, discuss trends and analyze the challenges of IT sector, through case studies and relevant information´s exchange.

Paseli is represented by Pamela Silva, Senior Partner, that may collaborate effectively to the Commission presenting its expertise regarding business development and sales to government. Currently, the company is a unique consulting, expert in establishing foreign IT companies in the country and supporting those who want to make business to Brazilian governments.