Opportunities in the Brazilian Sustainable Market

The  Brazilian sustainability industry is promising. It currently represents 0.8% of the world market, equivalent to U.S. $ 17 million, and a growth of 5-7% is expected by 2020, reaching U.S. $ 22.6 to 25.4 billion. However the country lacks several sustainable technologies, especially those related to emission reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management (this includes wastewater treatment, landfills for example) and green building. For these segments the legislation is getting stricter and the public sector is offering a wide range of incentives. For instance, sustainability aspects became a requirement in the bidding process on the state of São Paulo; there is no free for the transmission electric power generated by renewable energy; municipalities that present projects of rational use of water on public buildings will receive funds to develop them; a regulation related to waste management has been launched in 2010 determining obligations, incentives and guiding (for example, garbage dumps are to be extinct by 2014, which will increase the demand for services and products related to landfills, waste recycling etc). If you identify opportunity on certain segment on the environmental industry please let me us know so we can give you more detailed information on it.