Assistive Technology narrow relations between Brazil and Canada.

Assistive technology is a term that still new, used to identify the whole arsenal of services and resources. They contribute to provide or enhance the functional capacity of people with disability and promote independent living and inclusion.

In this sense Humanware, a Canadian company specialized in development and manufacture of products for people with low vision or blindness, has sought partnerships in order to better understand the space of insertion for its products into the Brazilian market. In recent months hired a study by PASELI Consulting, specialized in research and sales to the government. The study aimed to understand how the funds for assistive technologies are managed in the Brazilian Federal Government, through the National Education Development Fund ( FNDE). In this research, the canadian enterprise had access to detailed information, on the various ways to participate in the process of selling to the government and understand, in detail, what are the ways to reach its technology to Brazilian schools. Among the players who stand out in this study, the Specialist Support Centre (CAPE) has a special role in the identification and definition of technologies to be acquired by different public bodies in order to provide a more effective and inclusive education for the disabled.

Humanware like other companies that develope this type of technology, find today in Brazil a very favorable business environment; in terms of public resources, market openness and high demand to expand their business.

Written by: Ludmila Oliveira de Carvalho – Institutional Relations