Some of the reasons that make Brazil one of the world´s best
investment opportunities include stable economy, clean energetic
matrix and a large domestic market. As the world´s sixth largest
economy – which is expected to rank 5th in the next decade -, the
country also plays a leading role in Latin American economy and
politics, standing out with increased attractiveness in the
international scene.

While the world´s average economic growth has remained either negative or close to zero since the outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis, Brazil´s GDP reached 7.5% in 2010, the highest score since 1986.

Brazil´s major competitive advantages presently comprise:

  • Social and economic growth combined with stability and environmental sustainability.
  • Social and macroeconomic structure.
  • Strong domestic market.
  • Richness of natural and cultural assets.
  • Open markets and multilateralism.
  • Clean and abundant renewable energy.
  • Democratic stability.

Brazil offers a safe and outstanding investment environment and Apex-Brasil is proud to introduce international investors to the best available opportunities.

fonte: Apex Brazil