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We offer:


Pre Sale

Mapping of bidding opportunities

We do thorough search of opportunities at the national level that are within companies' needs

Registering with public agencies

We prepare and manage companies registration, ensuring participation in public biddings


Procedural support and coordination

We provide support for all areas involved in the process, including being a contact link between the company, partner and government. Having identified the need, we take care of companies' interest to ensure compliance with the principles of public bidding

Proposal preparation and delivery

We provide legal and administrative support throughout the bidding process.

Participation in bids

We participate on behalf of companies on online and onsite auctions. We assist companies to close de deal, gathering necessary documents and providing support until the contract in signed

After sales

Contract management including risk management

Aims to ensure that the hired object is being delivered as public notice of the scope avoiding contractual risks to the company

International Business Development

We offer:

Sales as a Service

Market research

We offer a powerful tool to guide decision making. Our work goes beyond data collection: we transform market information on market intelligence. At the end of the project, our client receives a concise report with detailed recommendations, aligned with company strategy

Viability research & enter strategies

We conducted a research study, projection and analysis capable of guiding company's entry strategies in a new market. We assess risks and opportunities. At the end of the project, our client receives a detailed report indicating the strategies that have potential return on investment

Lead generation & matchmaking

We generate demand for your company by identifying contacts interested in learning about your products or services. Our unique methodology requires that a lead has: need, authority to influence decision-making and financial conditions for the acquisition

Follow up & closing

Besides generating demand for your business through our service of lead generation and matchmaking, we test the market and manage the sales cycle of your solution. We follow-up with leads generated and on its behalf, prepare and defend proposals in order to close deals and strengthen your presence in the market

Sales and expansion strategies

With your sales team, we build the sales pipeline, define and execute expansion strategies

Corporate communications & PR

With your communicatio and marketing teams, we adapt your communication plan to be more suitable for the new market, taking into account local cultural and language issues. We plan and execute initiatives aligned with your discourse, organizational culture and branding

Event promotion and representation

We represent your company at events and fairs, guaranteeing not only the realization of a stand or brand activation action, but also the presence of a sales team with executive level and wide network of contacts

Initial operation

Opening of the company

We conduct the process of opening your business, dealing with the barriers faced in Brazil. We have a team of lawyers, accountants and qualified dispatchers to work on this phase of your expansion plan

Legal and documentation support

We deal with the legal procedures for obtaining licenses and registrations, as well as investor visas, which are considered bureaucratic processes by foreign investors. We have a team of lawyers, accountants and qualified dispatchers to work on this phase of your expansion plan

Establishing of physical space

We support the process of choosing and renting a physical space for your company

Recruiting staff

Our recruitment consultants have extensive knowledge and networking in the fields of ICT and high technology, which allows them to have access to the best candidates for various positions. We also provide legal and documentary support

Legal and accountant services

With a team of lawyers, qualified accountants and brokers, we offer ongoing support for your team

Support for financing and funding

Important stage in the quest for economic and financial viability of a project, we lead the fundraising of your company, seeking the most appropriate funding arrangements for the profile of the project and giving legal and documentary support

We are experts in:

Government Sales

End-to-end solutions, focused on the ICT industry

International Business Development

Sales as a service and initial operation, focused on the aerospace, medical devices, and ICT segments


Representação do Governo de Connecticut no Brasil


  • With Paseli, we created in Latin America a pipeline of USD 6 million with 150 qualified leads, with no we need to invest in establishing an office, hiring and training local staff," Mauricio Costa, commercial director of OpenLink in Brazil, global developer of software solutions.

    Maurício Costa

    Commercial director OpenLink in Brazil, global developer of software solutions

  • I am very impressed with the capacity and speed that the consultancy understood our business needs and offered a service proposal in line with our budget.

    Jean Pierre Filion

    Vice president of Global Business XMedius, a leading global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for Secure Document Exchange

  • Paseli volunteered and changed the scope of work and the products that we needed, keeping the quality. All we have received so far exceeded our expectations.

    Nena Lentini

    Director of the CDC Brazil programs CDC Brazil, operating agency of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States

  • The agenda set up for this visit was impressive. The consultants know the next steps, know what should be taken care of in Brazil and also in Connecticut.

    Jason Giulietti

    Vice president of Business Recruitment Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC), the agency that promotes economic development in Connecticut

  • Our intention was to test the market of software factories in São Paulo to learn about companies' needs, so we could concrete our expansion plan. We also wanted to try the model of outsourcing the sales force, thus we chose Paseli to be our sales representative in the region.

    Reno de Brito Pereira

    Director Polisys Computer, recognized software manufacturer in the Midwest

  • My expectation was fully met! The idea was to know the types of support that we would have during the phase of internationalization and business development in Connecticut - and this was very well done during this week of matchmaking organized by Paseli.

    Luiz Tanaka

    Commercial Director Saipher - Air Traffic Control and Management Systems

  • The support given to us by Paseli was very important and the allocated staff was very responsive during all processes.

    José Lima

    Director Sales & Operations Thomson Reuters, multinational with 60,000 employees in more than 100 countries


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