Cloud storage is essential to reducing business costs


Companies that keeps afraid to invest in cloud storage tend to lag behind


A study done by Bain & Company shows that among  400 leading companies future´s priority is the migration of data to Storage Cloud or Cloud Server. Cloud computing is the use of memory and storage capacities and calculation of shared computers and servers, interconnected through the Internet. Data storage is done in services that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, anytime, with no need to install programs x or store data.


However, the study reveals that the real situation is still far from ideal: business transfer on average only 18% of the workload . The variation is higher or lower depending on the industrial segment.


Most of the IT business executives know the advantages of transferring their workloads to the cloud, especially those in financial issues, so what prevents them from investing more strongly in this type of architecture? 1.     Fear of change: many IT leaders are hesitant at what would be considered a major change and postpone the task shifting only a portion of the charge to cloud, precisely for fear of disruptive technologies, that interfere with processes, organizations and sometimes even in entire industries;2.     Select the appropriate system: An obstacle that still appears in the study is the dilemma of choosing the right cloud model , between the alternatives of public cloud , private or hybrid ;3.     Fraud: maintaining own servers may seem the safest decision, but has not protected the victims of cyber-attacks on high-profile, including Sony and JPMorgan Chase. The secret of a successful migration is to assess the correct model for the company and have the courage to face a complete overhaul of the traditional model of IT. Betting on technological innovations is to invest in the evolution of the company.

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Representação do Governo de Connecticut no Brasil


  • With Paseli, we created in Latin America a pipeline of USD 6 million with 150 qualified leads, with no we need to invest in establishing an office, hiring and training local staff," Mauricio Costa, commercial director of OpenLink in Brazil, global developer of software solutions.

    Maurício Costa

    Commercial director OpenLink in Brazil, global developer of software solutions

  • I am very impressed with the capacity and speed that the consultancy understood our business needs and offered a service proposal in line with our budget.

    Jean Pierre Filion

    Vice president of Global Business XMedius, a leading global provider of enterprise-grade solutions for Secure Document Exchange

  • Paseli volunteered and changed the scope of work and the products that we needed, keeping the quality. All we have received so far exceeded our expectations.

    Nena Lentini

    Director of the CDC Brazil programs CDC Brazil, operating agency of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States

  • The agenda set up for this visit was impressive. The consultants know the next steps, know what should be taken care of in Brazil and also in Connecticut.

    Jason Giulietti

    Vice president of Business Recruitment Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC), the agency that promotes economic development in Connecticut

  • Our intention was to test the market of software factories in São Paulo to learn about companies' needs, so we could concrete our expansion plan. We also wanted to try the model of outsourcing the sales force, thus we chose Paseli to be our sales representative in the region.

    Reno de Brito Pereira

    Director Polisys Computer, recognized software manufacturer in the Midwest

  • My expectation was fully met! The idea was to know the types of support that we would have during the phase of internationalization and business development in Connecticut - and this was very well done during this week of matchmaking organized by Paseli.

    Luiz Tanaka

    Commercial Director Saipher - Air Traffic Control and Management Systems

  • The support given to us by Paseli was very important and the allocated staff was very responsive during all processes.

    José Lima

    Director Sales & Operations Thomson Reuters, multinational with 60,000 employees in more than 100 countries


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