Brazilian wins UN award for world´s best social inclusion application


The application was created for her daughter with cerebral palsy and now benefits 10k users around the world

Abu Dhabi, February 3rd – Carlos Pereira (36) was awarded by ONU for world´s best social inclusion application. The systems analyst developed LIVOX, an application for tablets able to give voice to his daughter Clara, 6 years of age – with cerebral palsy.

4 years ago Carlos convinced foreign investors to set up an elite rehabilitation clinic in Recife, its headquarters city, and never stopped dreaming about talking to his daughter and understanding her tastes and demands. If the girl wanted a cookie, for example, the father needed to take several photos, distribute them on cards and submit to the girl, for her to point and choose. Than Carlos developed the LIVOX, meaning “smart book”, that goes far beyond being a virtual images catalogue. With intelligent algorithms, the application can detect how many people´s fingers are touching the screen, calculate and make necessary corrections for the right application reading of commands, what allows people who have no firm hands to communicate through tablets. The application also contains sections that show – I ‘m… followed by answers like “hungry”, “sleepy”, etc.

Today, Clara doesn´t need any more to ask for cookies: she became literate and wrote a text of her book of preschool graduation. Like her, 10 000 other users benefit from the invention, which pushed the boundaries of Recife and conquered the world. Carlos Pereira spread his idea to the United States, England and Portugal. His current efforts go in the direction of developing a project to see Clara walking: “It’s a secret, yet, but it’s a fabulous idea,” says the inventor.

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